Manila, Philippines

2019 September 20 /

Andrei x Shadda: Choose You

Love doesn’t guarantee us immediate satisfaction. It comes in unexpected ways and unexpected moments, making you wonder if it will ever come at all. Sometimes you get hurt too much and too many times, making you feel unwilling to try again for another chance at it. Sometimes you meet so many wrong people, making you wonder if you’ll ever find the right one.

But love always redeems itself in ways we never see coming. When we finally think it’s the last time we’ll ever try again, when we finally accept the idea of being alone, there it is—love finally shows up, and the entire struggle seems all worth it. It erases all doubts and fears in our head and replaces it with reassurance that everything from here and on will be endurable because they’ll be right by your side to conquer it all with you. It makes us forget all the hurt we’ve experienced and just makes us say with a grateful sigh—“I’m glad I finally found you.”