Manila, Philippines

2019 January 30 /

Joshua x Rachel: At First Sight

Do you ever remember your first puppy love? Glimpses of your first school dance, holding hands while walking, excited and giddy all over, running and playing on your backyard while eating popsicles under the heat of the sun—suddenly, you feel this youthful rush; these memories start to flash one by one and take over you, and before you even know it, you’re already smiling. Oh how you wish you could return to the good old simple days.

This was the kind of love that makes you wonder when you look back from now, “Was it really love?” Well, it is. It was love in a sense that it was how we thought what love was back then, because it was the only one that we knew. But for some of us, if luck finds us, we get to keep this love and nurture it until we realize that it has turned into something else. Slowly, you discover a new kind of love. The exciting and restless love that we know turns into a calm and secure kind, and you no longer feel the rush because you are surely safe and sound. This time, you know love for what it really is because this time, this kind of love is as real as can be.


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