California, USA

2018 September 15 /

Mark x Jae: Sequoia

Imagine a place of where natural beauty embraces you all over—tall trees, serene and calm surroundings, sound of the gushing water from the stream slowly making its way through the small rocks and pebbles along its way, withered leaves scattered all over the grounds on top of lush canopies of sequoia braches overarching with one another, and the gentle tune of chirping birds alongside the percussion sound of crickets making a minute rhythm to an off-beat but charming melody of the forest. For Mark and Erika, their love was like this—all natural. No pretense, no cover-ups, no filter. When love feels like a natural thing for you to do, you can’t help but fall into this surreal and unbelievable design and pattern nature has provided for you. When you finally get the sense of it all, you’d definitely realize that love has its own way of finding it’s natural course.


Finding someone who is surely right for you often takes ages. But sometimes, it only takes a snap of a finger before you realize that the good, perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.



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