Laguna, Philippines

2018 August 15 /

Paulo x Charissa: Celebrate Victories With You

Love is like a battlefield. People march forward, fight for it, and, to a certain extent, die for it. Surely, we’ve been hurt a couple of times, or perhaps we’ve been bruised from the past, and to a much deeper metaphorical way, we’ve been traumatized by it. So what exactly makes one stand for it and fight like everything else depends on it? From a hopelessly romantic perspective, people are motivated by love and the prospects of its glory—imagine yourself basking on to its exploits and indulging on its pure bliss after a long and arduous war. Love, much like war, entails a lot of push and pull, forward and backward motion, ups and downs, not to mention all the twirls, spins, and bumps along its way; but love, very much like war, is sweetest when endured.


Finding someone who is surely right for you often takes ages. But sometimes, it only takes a snap of a finger before you realize that the good, perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.



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