Manila, Philippines

2017 May 30 /

BJ x Tanix: Rendezvous

We first connected when our eyes met each other’s gaze. We didn’t know what to call it at the time, because we couldn’t know for sure. How could we? We were both preoccupied with other matters not concerned with fate or love. We were silly to ignore its longing call. We were naïve to think that it was nothing but a simple interaction.

When you realize that your soul was meant for mine, and that our fates were really aligned, meet me in the place where our hearts first knew. When the time is told by the perfect tick, when the circumstance and odds are in our favor, the perfect time, the perfect place, in our special moment – that’s where we’ll rendezvous.

And this time, we won’t hesitate; because now, we’ll know for sure.


Finding someone who is surely right for you often takes ages. But sometimes, it only takes a snap of a finger before you realize that the good, perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.



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