Manila, Philippines

2017 May 15 /

Miguel x Chairee: Remember The Times

“I remember the time when we met over four years ago, by chance, in the train. Back then we were so different from each other. Everyone was telling me that it was going to be a difficult match, but what happened is eventually we transformed to the point where we complement each other.”

Their story starts in the train station where they first saw each other. Chairee was the first to see Miguel and that was the start of a crush. Chairee summoned all her courage and planned to finally talk to him. From there flourished a friendship which blossomed into something much more.

As fate would have it, their interaction in the train wasn’t actually the first time they encountered one another. Miguel discovered that they had a common friend and realized that he actually saw Chairee first in a college party. Miguel and Chairee’s story is a testament on how fate has funny ways on making things work out. From what was thought to be a simple coincidence, was actually meant to have happened after all.


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