Manila, Philippines

2017 April 15 /

Mil x Allysa: God Sent

“It was just a huge crush, an admiration for so many years. It made me ask myself—what took you so long?"

It took a long time before Mil and Allysa realized their love for one another. They knew each other since college as nothing but acquaintances, but little did Mil know, Allysa already had a deep crush for him. Years went by, Allysa went to Canada and had a different relationship. When she came back to the Philippines for a vacation, she had already broken up with her ex.

“There are days when I wish I’d had you earlier, but I know God makes all things beautiful in his time.”

Mil and Allysa finally went on their first date together. Their date was cut short when Mil asked Allysa to go to the church with him and she agreed. Little did Allysa know, out of all the girls he asked to go to church with him, she was the only one who agreed. From there, it was a telltale sign for Mil and he knew right away that Allysa was the one.

“Today, I’m marrying the man that God has sent me to be a constant reminder of how great is His love.”

After all the years they spent as friends, not knowing they would be the one for each other, God has mysterious ways in weaving His ultimate plan for us. We just need to trust in His plan and know that He will take care of us. Who knows? Maybe your one true love is being sent to your way right now.


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