Cebu, Philippines

2017 February 15 /

Kevin x Raissa: Discover The World With You

Their love story began when Kevin had a crush on Raissa during their first year in college. With only a year in college, Raissa left for U.S. to become a nurse. Their interactions stopped but Kevin's love for Raissa remained. They only saw each other again when Raissa went back to the Philippines for a short break, and when Raissa was about to return to the U.S., that's when Kevin realized he wanted to be with Raissa.
Kevin planned a month-long surprise trip to the U.S. for Raissa in order to court her, but on the very first stop, she already answered yes! Instead of a month-long trip for courting, they spent the whole trip as a couple.
"We both know our relationship wasn't easy, we were thousands of miles away for four years— 7,373 miles to be exact but we made it work."

Kevin and Raissa had a long-distance relationship but every once in a while, they would have a trip and meet on a different country to travel together. Their relationship showed that distance doesn't have to be a problem for two people who are in love. Their relationship is proof enough that love truly knows no distance.
"Together we have travelled so much, but none of it would have sense if you weren't with me."


Finding someone who is surely right for you often takes ages. But sometimes, it only takes a snap of a finger before you realize that the good, perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.



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