Cebu, Philippines

2017 January 15 /

Kevin x Raissa: Guo Da Li

The tradition of Guo Da Li has long been practiced in the Chinese. It is just a part of the Ting Hun and it literally translates as "passing of the big gift". Ting Hun is still heavily practiced today in close-knitted Chinese communities, but some prefer to either have it less extravagant or not have it at all.
These traditions may be deemed materialistic, but more than that, it is very symbolic. For the Chinese, the engagement process is very vital in terms of securing a future for their children. Parents naturally want what is best for their child and these kinds of traditions assure them that their child will be in good hands. Witness this very treasured tradition in the Chinese community as the couple showcase their commitment and dedication to one another.


There’s something captivating about traditional wedding ceremonies just like a Guo Da Li. It is a custom in Chinese culture for the groom’s family to give presents to the bride’s family to acknowledge their effort in raising the bride. The accepting of gifts on the bride’s end signifies their approval of the union. It’s nice to know that young couples like Kevin and Raissa continue this valuable heritage.



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