Manila, Philippines

2016 December 30 /

Alex x Franz: First Love

"Two decades ago, I first laid my eyes on you. You were wearing a Garfield shirt and at that moment I told my young self, 'Feeling ko 'pag nagmahal 'to, forever.' "

Alex was Franz's first love. She liked Alex so much that she ignored all gender roles and expectations on women in this society—she was the one who courted Alex and the one who declared that they were already a couple.

"You were always the bigger person in the relationship"

Even when Franz was at her worst, Alex was patient enough to remain by her side. When Franz attempted to break up with Alex due to jealousy with other girls, Alex told her that he would delete all of his social media accounts—and that is the story of how up until this day, Alex has no social media accounts.

"My first, my only, and my last."

Alex and Franz's relationship showed us the true power of first love. Even when challenges came, they were able to overcome it with their love and determination to stay with each other. They are each other's first, last, and only love.


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