Batangas, Philippines

2016 November 30 /

Ronald x Joahna: A Decade With You

“The Lord impressed upon my heart that His choices are always perfect.”

Joahna always had her own strict standards when it came to the guys she dated, but all of that didn't matter when she met Ronald.

Ronald and Joahna’s love story began when they became a couple during their college years. Joahna had many suitors because of her beauty but she chose Ronald. There came a time when Joahna faced numerous struggles when it comes to accepting herself, but Ronald was patient enough to stand by her, he was always there for her. Ronald was able to love Joahna both at her best and at her worst. Their relationship may have undergone many challenges and trials, but they managed to stay together because of their strong and unconditional love for one another.
Their love showed that even when beauty fades, when facades and physical appearances aren’t appealing, it doesn't really matter because those aren't what real relationships are based on. Real relationships are when two people do their best and exert all their effort to work it out. Their love is a testimony of what unconditional love really is. The first ten years that they spent together is just the beginning of decades of more love for them.
“Thank you for the ten amazing long years that we've shared and I look forward to spending more decades with you.”


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