March 23, Editorial

2016 November 15 /

Mark x Angel: In Total Surrender

Have you ever done something all for His greater glory? From the moment when you don't know how you'll ever start to the moment when all circumstances in life won't let you finish what you have started for Him? And you just keep on fighting until the very end, until your very last breath, until you win victoriously for Him and only for Him?

This is the story of Mark and Angel's engagement film. Done within the bounds of trials, failures and difficulties yet done gloriously in the name of God, our Almighty Father. When life tests you and you feel like you can’t go on any longer, sometimes all we have to do is surrender everything into His will and He will take over the rest for us.


Two souls feeling lost and unsatisfied found what true love is as they surrendered themselves to Jesus. In an unimaginable circumstance, He made it happen. It is with love that makes true happiness felt.



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