Zambales, Philippines

2016 September 30 /

BJ x Tanix: All We Need Is Love

In our world today, we tend to take the simplest things and then complicate them. We always yearn for something, and whenever we finally get it, we would feel like it’s not enough and it would never be, so we keep on looking for more. As humans, we keep on wanting more. It’s our nature to keep on growing and growing and to look for more ways to improve. But what we don’t realize is that we’ve got everything that we would ever need, and that is love.

Love is what makes the world go round. It teaches us how to be truly human and how to truly live and not just exist. It is the greatest fuel to ignite our whole being. May we always remember and keep in our hearts that despite everything that this world has to offer, all we would ever really need in this life is love.


It is love that surrounds BJ and Tanix. They remind us that love doesn’t need to be complicated, and that love is all we need. Through them, we see how love makes everything beautiful.



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