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2016 August 15 /

John x Jane: Forever Starts Today

Does love at first sight really exist? It’s a phenomenon we’d all like to have a chance of experiencing. Well, it may sound unreal for others but for some who indeed experienced it, the so-called “lucky ones,” it does. It’s like stealing someone else’s heart in a blink of an eye, in a snap of a second; that with just a moment of time, your whole life is forever changed.

“The time has come where I can truly show you how much I love you.”

John and Jane’s love story started at Singapore’s Changgi Airport when John was just looking from a distance at the arrival hall when he suddenly saw Jane walking towards his direction. That was all it took to kick start another compelling love story, much like a tender scene from a romantic movie!

“Even if I am given the chance to start life all over again, my heart will only find one person and that is you. I love you.”

So does love at first sight really exist? Well, who knows? No one can really tell. But if you happen to bump into someone, or perhaps chance upon a person on your way home, why not take a chance, why not take a risk? Maybe all it takes is just one hello for you to finally say that there’s really love at first sight.


We all dream of a life-long journey with the person that we love. When we think about it, it feels like a lifetime is not enough. And so we build this idea of an eternal love—a kind of love that never fades and never gives up, the kind that always finds itself no matter what. We dream of a love that feels like forever, never-changing but ever-evolving. The idea of “forever” seems too good to be true, but we keep on holding on to it because we know that love transcends beyond the concept of finality.




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