Zambales, Philippines

2016 July 15 /

John x Jane: I Get To Love You

ou know the feeling that you get when you're in love? Like your heart is jumping with joy and you can’t explain the feeling. And as much as possible, you want to see that person every day, you want to talk to them every night, every morning; like every waking moment you spend with that person would never be enough? It’s such a great privilege in this world to feel love and to experience the love that we deserve, but it’s a much greater privilege to love with expecting nothing in return.

In this life, it’s so rare to find the kind of love that encompasses everything; the kind of love that goes way beyond all flaws and imperfections, all struggles and hardship; the kind of love wherein when you look at that person, it’s as if your whole life falls in line; the kind of love that knows patience and sacrifice and determination to work everything out.

Love is the best thing a person can ever feel in this world. God made it so beautiful that when the two of you find each other, you know from that moment on that this love will be worth fighting for until the very end, until you both realize that being with each other is the best decision you will ever make.


Isn’t it such a privilege to love, most especially to love someone who loves you back? We can’t just demand or expect the same love we give to others, that would be totally unfair. We can only hope for the kind of love that knows the art of reciprocity. It seems to be too idealistic, almost impossible even. And when we finally found that kind of love, isn’t it comforting to know that the love that you give is never wasted?



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