Cavite, Philippines

2016 June 30 /

Japoy x Janice: In God's Perfect Time

I met Japoy Lizardo on his 26th birthday through his brother, Cent. Japoy and Janice’s love story is yet to unfold after that day. After a series of commercials, the much awaited fairytale book of the Taekwondo community in the Philippines has finally turned its pages: 2013, Chapter 1, South Korea.

Their love story took a decade and 6 years to cook up. For many, that seems to be a very long time, but for them, it’s just on time, right on schedule.

In today’s millenial age, everyone's mindset is how to get to the goal immediately—fast-paced, without bumps and turns, just the way the culture wants it. But life always teaches us to wait for the perfect time. Perhaps there certain things that needed to be prioritize; in their case, it was their respective athletic careers in Taekwondo. Their pace seems pretty much on track—not too slow, not too fast. With Taekwondo, they were taught to strive every single day to be better. They’ve been trained to give a great deal of effort in every practice that they do in order to get a gold medal, slowly but surely, to think fast but to be precise.

So I guess it's okay to focus on your career first. There's nothing wrong in grabbing every opportunity you get before finally settling down. At least you made it out there before becoming a good husband or a good wife. It's okay to hide your love away and wait for God's best, because it makes so much more sense to finally meet your destined partner when you are ready spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially, when you are so much ready to fall and never let go. It's wonderful to share to the rest of the world that your first became your last. It's okay if you've been falling in and out of love every single time you misinterpret God's signals. At least, you know better next time and that you have become a better you for the one that will come along, the one you would love, protect, and take care for the rest of your life.


God knows what your heart truly desires, and He also knows what your soul really needs. It takes a ton of faith to wait for the answers to our prayers, and it probably requires more than that to wait for a miracle to happen. We need trust to keep our faith grounded; we need to trust that everything that we’ve hoped for and more will come in God’s perfect time.



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