Manila, Philippines

2016 May 30 /

Japoy x Janice: Great Things Start From Small Beginnings

All things have beginnings and sometimes even the greatest ones come from something small, like how the most brilliant inventions we have today come from minute and random ideas, how grand masterpieces blossom from seeds of inspiration, and how the greatest of love stories burn from the tiniest of sparks.

“From high fives to I love you, from the gym to the altar—it has been ten years before we finally saw each other in a different way.”

When something starts, you wouldn’t think that it would be the beginning of something special. It starts small, and then it grows and grows into something so much more and before you know it, it suddenly dawns on you—who would’ve thought that something so small could turn into something this great? Witness the love of Japoy and Janice that took years to flourish. Let their love be an enough proof that, indeed, great things start from small beginnings.


Have you for once ever thought that you’ll end up with everyone else’s childhood crush? Well, Japoy and Janice did not know that. This love story took more than a decade for its perfect timing. They started out as friends, and it took 16 years for them realize that what they have was far more special than a platonic relationship. Cliché as it may sound, indeed, great things start from small beginnings.



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