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2016 April 30 /

Jerrold x Katrina: A Love Worth Waiting

Katrina was my roommate when I started working in Mayad, May of 2011. We never started out as friends but more like nemeses [laughs]. I remember the day when Jerrold visited Katrina in Iloilo and, instantly, we jived. We were talking about so many things including mountaineering and whatnot. Katrina was rolling her eyes when Jerrold told her (right in front of me) that It’s cool to befriend me. Imagine? [laughing out loud] I love Jerrold from then on.

I praise God for the eight months Katrina and I spent together. He has really been faithful to us by making sure that we settle our differences and share to each other our plans and dreams in life that are unfolding today, that are unfolding tomorrow. I love Katrina from then on.

I witnessed how they both spend hours in the phone either sharing stories or fighting. I witnessed how difficult it is to have a long distance relationship and how they made it work. I witnessed how their relationship almost ended and how they fought for it. It was so beautiful. It was so scary. It was one epic adventure. It was truly a love worth waiting for.

And when God said that it is finished, that the long wait was finally over, because it's their time to be together, they gave in. The awesome Jerrold Saldivar finally proposed to my roomie, my Mayad BFF, my Tren Tren. God is so amazing!

I immediately booked a secret flight to Cagayan De Oro to shoot this engagement film together with King Caldera, my former co-worker in Mayad.

Let this beautiful story unfold. For the friendship we shared, Je and Tren, this remains as my gift to you both.


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