Cavite, Philippines

2016 April 15 /

Judy Ann: Always The Beautiful

Have you ever gotten this feeling when you feel so much exhilaration. It’s like no one can stop you? There is so much jubilation inside you that you can’t contain it and it screams to be shared to the rest of the world. There are certain moments in your life when you feel blissful—you are just simply contented, you are at peace. Not a single thing can ruin this perfect moment and you can definitely say to yourself, “this is it, I’m happy.”

Most of the time, we are in despair in our search for that genuine feeling of happiness. But there are times when you wake up realizing that what you’ve been looking for is something that’s within our reach. You don't need to cross oceans or climb mountains for it. You can actually find it from within, right in your core; you can experience it in its most rudimentary form or you can experience it to the extremes. It's called euphoria.


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