Manila, Philippines

2018 August 30 /

Edsel x Kristine: Mon Amour

What could be more refined than a love like ours? Not even the finest wine one can ever find in any cellar in this world. Perhaps not even the most decadent box of chocolates one can only dream of. Is it like the delicate feel of smooth silk caressing you bare hands? Is it like the latest pair of shoes that fits perfectly on your feet? Or is it more like the scent of a perfume that lingers on the walls of your room? It’s hard to express how our love feels like. When you get a little bit older and you finally dive into the rigors of a relationship, love becomes less like butterflies and rainbows and more like bottles of champagne and blind compromises. As maturity kicks in, it gets a tad bit darker, but ultimately, love gets way more sophisticated than ever before.


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