Manila, Philippines

2016 March 30 /

Mikko x Jean: It's The Little Things

"You were the gift that I did not ask for but God insisted that I needed. No matter how many times I said no, look where we are today.”

Love at its purest form is patient, accepting, and unconditional. With unending perseverance, dedication, and sincerity, Mikko was finally able to turn Jean's “no” into a “yes”! After a year-long courtship that they had way back in their college years, on the 9th day of January 2016—Mikko’s 28th birthday and their 10th year anniversary—they finally sealed the deal.

“It's the little things that you do that make me fall in love with you every single day.”

True love doesn’t have to be all about grand gestures. Sometimes, it’s all about the consistency and sincerity of the tiniest and most normal things you do in every single day.


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