2016 February 29 /

Raymond x Ranille: The Gift of You

Director / Elyne Villamor
Account / The Wedding Film of Raymond Sayo and Ranille Francisco
Location / Pasay, Manila, Philippines


"I will always remember the first day we were together because it was the start of a wonderful change in my life. You have no idea how grateful I am to God for the gift of you."

It often takes ages before you find someone you can be completely sure is right for you. But sometimes, when you’re lucky — when you’re really, really lucky — it only takes a snap of a finger before you completely realize that the good and perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.

Raymond and Ranille spotted each other at a friend’s wedding. It took them quite some time before they really went out on an official date and right then and there, they instantly knew that they were bound to meet on that wedding, meant to date, and destined to be each other’s soulmate. On the 18th of October 2014, Raymond and Ranille finally decided to meet again, this time, at the altar, as husband and wife.


Hair and Make Up

Ten Franco

Floral and Styling

Gideon Hermosa