2016 January 30 /

Gary x Grace: Once In A Lifetime

Director / Elyne Villamor
Account / The Wedding Film of Gary Abaño and Grace Bautista
Location / Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines


It takes a lot of struggle to find the kind of love that is found once in a lifetime. Gary and Grace's love story were that of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Gary's family did not approve of Grace, that's why they sent Gary to America. With Grace unwilling to give up, she followed Gary all the way to America, where they finally eloped.

"...let no man separate what God has joined."

Indeed, their love was the kind of love that survived against all odds. They were both unwilling to give each other up, and their love was what kept them together. Witness the ten years of friendship between Gary and Grace, and how love has become a constant song in their hearts. Let their love be a reminder that in this life, nothing worth having comes easy.