2016 January 15 /

Joseph x Jennie: My Greatest Miracle

Director / Elyne Villamor
Account / The Engagement Film of Joseph Elbert Villamor and Jennilyn Chua
Location / Bear, Delaware, USA


You might think that where you are right now is where you’ll be and what you’ve got at the moment is what you’ll have for the rest of your life. At times, we find ourselves walking through a linear trail, believing that we are destined to head a certain direction — no more detours, perhaps no more sharp turns. Maybe it’s as simple as that: you take the road and never turn back again.

But just as we thought that we’ve seen it all and that things won’t progress, in a sudden turn of events, a plot twist happens. All of it will slowly make sense: all the blurred lines, the absurd plots, and the dragging scenes are just a fraction of a bigger story. And when this great story unfolds gradually, we’ll surely realize that every detail in it was perfectly orchestrated by God according to His design. In unexpected ways, God will show us His way, the way to where you need to be.

Joseph and Jennie were convinced that they were both bound to live a life of singlehood, but through God’s plan and perfect timing, they were blessed with the greatest miracle of their lives — they were brought together to live a life of joy in their beautiful marriage. So if you feel like you’ve had enough wandering and you just want to settle and move on alone, always remember that there’s more to life and the best is yet to come. Trust the process; trust His plans.


Fashion Styling

Elyne Villamor

Hair and Make Up

Elyne Villamor