Category: Wedding

Alex x Franz: First Love

2016 December 30 / Cinematography

How can you ever forget your first love? They all say it never dies. For some, it’s just a summer fling, fleeting and naive; for some, it endures a lifetime. Perhaps it really never dies. It captures ...


Ralph x Phoebe: In The Quest Of Waiting

2016 December 15 / Cinematography

Finding someone who is surely right for you often takes ages. But sometimes, it only takes a snap of a finger before you realize that the good, perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.


Ronald x Joahna: A Decade With You

2016 November 30 / Cinematography

It’s from a simple text message that reminded Ronald and Joahna of perfect timing. It was a decade of togetherness with no rush that made them enjoy the little things as the love grows deeper. With Go...


John x Jane: Forever Starts Today

2016 August 15 / Cinematography

We all dream of a life-long journey with the person that we love. When we think about it, it feels like a lifetime is not enough. And so we build this idea of an eternal love—a kind of love that never...


Japoy x Janice: In God’s Perfect Time

2016 June 30 / Cinematography

God knows what your heart truly desires, and He also knows what your soul really needs. It takes a ton of faith to wait for the answers to our prayers, and it probably requires more than that to wait ...


Mikko x Jean: It’s The Little Things

2016 March 30 / Cinematography

Dedication, perseverance, and sincerity are the few things that Mikko showed Jean during the year-long courtship they had way back in college. It’s the little things that Mikko did that made her fall ...


Raymond x Ranille: The Gift of You

2016 February 29 / Cinematography

Raymond and Ranille spotted each other at a friend’s wedding. It took them quite some time before they really went out on an official date and right then and there, they instantly knew that they were ...


Gary x Grace: Once In A Lifetime

2016 January 30 / Cinematography

Time itself changes but it’s only love that can remain the same for a very long time. It took Gary and Grace ten years to get from being friends to traveling halfway around the world for them to reali...