Japoy x Janice: Great Things Start From Small Beginnings

May 15, 2016

  • LOCATION | Manila and Aurora

Have you for once ever thought that you'll end up with everyone else's childhood crush? Well, Japoy and Janice did not know that. This love story took more than a decade for its perfect timing. They started out as friends, and it took 16 years for them realize that what they have was far more special than a platonic relationship. Cliché as it may sound, indeed, great things start from small beginnings.

Engagement Motion Film By Sorrelle Isles Film Co.
Engagement Still Film By Sorrelle Isles Film Co.
Hairstyle By Kimberly Frione
Make Up By Sheryl Lignes
Pink Gown in Ronac Art Center By Paolo Blanco
Red Gown in Dicasalarin Cove By Cheena Lio