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In every chapter of your life, there will be tales worth dreaming of. As you grow older, as these tales transpire right in front of you, it transforms into wonderful memories worth sharing to the rest of the universe.


Your wedding storyteller has finally arrived.


Film Adventure Diary

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The Wedding Film of Miguel Cudaihl and Chairee Tiangsing

Japoy x Janice: Great Things Start From Small Beginnings


  • LOCATION | Ronac Art Center
  • LOCATION | Pantabangan Dam
  • LOCATION | Costa Pacifica Resort

Jerrold x Katrina: A Love Worth Waiting


  • LOCATION | Del Monte Pineapple Plantation

Judy: Always The Beautiful


  • LOCATION | Katungkulan Beach Resort

Mikko x Jean: It’s The Little Things


  • PREPARATION | Makati Shangri-La Hotel
  • CEREMONY | Sanctuario De San Antonio
  • RECEPTION | Manila Polo Club

Dedication, perseverance and sincerity are the few things that Mikko showed Jean during the year-long courtship they had way back in college. It’s the little things that Mikko did that made her fall in love over and over again. Finally, on the 9th day of January 2016, on Mikko's 28th birthday and their 10th year anniversary, Mikko and Jean finally sealed the deal. Truly, it was a great day to celebrate love, life and happiness.

Amy Kate: Euphoria


  • LOCATION | Cambridge State Park

You experience it when you get contented. You experience it when you are at peace — and then the world never stops revolving around the sun. You wake up one day realizing that it wasn't hard to find it, that you don't need to buy it. You can actually find it within, that you can experience it just the same, you can experience it to the extremes. It's called euphoria.

Uliana: Misery and Recovery


  • LOCATION | Shutterspace Studios

Not every girl is lucky enough to meet their happily ever after at first glance. In this life, nothing comes easy, not even love. Some may even leave you hanging for a moment, hanging for forever. Then one day, you wake up — wounds have healed, heart's in one piece. Life is no longer miserable. Alas! You have recovered, you have finally let it go.

Raymond x Ranille: The Gift Of You


  • PREPARATION | Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
  • CEREMONY | Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus
  • RECEPTION | Manila Polo Club

Raymond and Ranille spotted each other at a friend’s wedding. It took them quite some time before they really went out on an official date and right then and there, they instantly knew that they were meant to meet on that wedding, meant to date, meant to immediately know they’ve found and been gifted their soulmate. And today, they’re meant to meet again: This time at the altar, this time as husband and wife.

Raymond x Ranille: Tale As Old As Time


  • LOCATION | Private Mansion Residence

It often takes ages before you find someone you can be completely sure is right for you. But sometimes, when you’re lucky – when you’re really, really lucky – it only takes a snap of a finger before you completely realize that the good and perfect gift from God is already right in front of you.

Gary x Grace: Once In A Lifetime


  • PREPARATION | Angelfields Nature Sanctuary
  • CEREMONY | San Antonio de Padua Church
  • RECEPTION | Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

Time itself changes but it’s only love that can remain the same for a very long time. It took Gary and Grace ten years to get from being friends to traveling halfway around the world for them to realize that love has become a constant song in their hearts.

Joseph x Jennie: My Greatest Miracle

Delaware, USA

  • LOCATION | Lums Pond State Park

Two individuals were convinced that they were being led to singlehood, but through God's perfect plan and timing, the patience of Joseph and Jennie resulted in a miracle -- when God brought them together.